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Doll Quilt Swap flickr group

Swap round I updates:


  1. Solidia
  2. Amy P.
  3. Susan
  4. Kim
  5. Bonnie
  6. Maitreya
  7. Angela
  8. Laura
  9. Liz
  10. Solle
  11. Monica
  12. Maritza
  13. Sarah G.
  14. Michelle
  15. Kristin
  16. Sarah D.
  17. Lauri
  18. Marisa
  19. Kristy
  20. Beth
  21. Jennifer
  22. Elizabeth
  23. Maggi
  24. Lynn
  25. Mary Jane
  26. Sarah L.
  27. Francie
  28. Lisa (that’s me!)

  • Construction: Pieced, appliqued, wholecloth (like my favorite one, from Liesl of disdressed), or yo-yos; quilted by hand or machine; and bound (see below for a link to a great binding tutorial). Embellish at will. Embroidery? Rickrack? Buttons? None? You decide.
  • Fabrics: Let’s do natural fibers: cotton, linen, or wool, please!
  • Size: Each side should be between 18 and 24 inches.
  • Deadlines: SIGN UP by Friday, April 6th, and matchups will be sent out by Sunday, April 8th (my birthday!), at noon. SEND YOUR COMPLETED QUILT OUT to your partner no later than Monday, April 30th.
  • Signup: Please send an e-mail to me (e-mail address is near the top right, just under the search box) listing your:
    • full name
    • mailing address
    • blog url, if you have one
    • any quilt-related likes or dislikes, like colors, fear of clowns, etc. (other than Construction, see above)

Of course you may choose your own patterns, but here are a couple of ideas if you’re stumped.



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  2. how do i get the little button for my blog?

  3. […] folks, doll quilt mania has reached our house. In fact, I signed up for Lisa’s doll quilt swap — forget that I’ve never made a quilt in my life. The good news is that my mom is an […]

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  6. Hi, Lisa. I am totalllllly new to the world of craft/quilt blogs. I’ve just discovered this whole new universe (it’s bigger than a “world”) and I am overwhelmed with the talent and excited about the same.

    I came across the Doll Quilt Swap, albeit very late, and have enjoyed reading the posts.

    I will keep reading your blog ( which is very good) and others to see when another Doll Quilt Swap is planned. I know it’s alot of work but it seems to have brought a lot of happiness to many.

    I have no idea how to start a website. It’s all “Greek” to me. I have registered a photo site with Flickr but have no idea how to put pics up on it. My summer’s challenges to conquer.

    Kindest regards, Lori

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