I live in a suburb of Chicago with my husband Ryan and enough ideas and craft supplies to keep me busy for the next few decades (at least). I’m a teacher by trade, oh, and a wedding map designer, too. I prowl flickr, craftster, and craftblogs for inspiration and readily find it in all those places.

What about the name, you ask?

Losabia, my maiden name, is a sort of past tense in Spanish for the verb ‘to know.’ I found out in a Spanish class over the summer that the translation is closer to “I knew itbut too late: the blog’s already named!

Lisa K.



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  1. Hey Lisa,
    Thanks for the nice comments about my doll tutorial, I hope you do give it a go and join the flickr group! Glad we’ve got another Japanese craft book devotee too :-)

  2. hi there this is kat aka craftypiggies i put your blog on my blog for the exchanges i enjoy your blog so much and thank you for mentioning our swaps i hope you join swap 5 i also hope it will grow ..i love the yoyos i have been getting

    hugs kat

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I love your blog & the title asian cajun….can I borrow that name for my daughters as I am from Louisiana myself & my sweet husband is from Bangladesh,I never could think of a clever nickname,but asian cajun is so clever!I just love it!I also really love reading your blogs & getting inspired to do something as I have 3 girls so I would love to learn to sew & stuff with my daughters…they are always so excited to see what other pretty things people make & wish we could do that…maybe one day I’ll learn it all….I just hope my girls are not too old by then. :)

  4. I love your big bag. Did you use a pattern for it and if so can you give me the name of the pattern. Thanks. Liz

  5. Hello Im JIM

  6. Hi,

    i was just wondering if you had any pattern pieces for your little round about dolls? I first noticed them on craftster.org and thought that they would make a perfect gift for my little cousin, Timothy. I was also wondering how you made the little spout on the whale? I love your work and your site! Keep it up!

  7. Hi hun love the blog! I was wondering if there is some place I can get an owl pattern? they are SO CUTE!! Thanks

  8. Hi mrs. Losabia.. It seems that we have the same surname. I wonder if we our under the root of the roots of our ancestors. Are you a filipino? Anyway, you have a nice blog. Keep it up! God job!

  9. I love your toys! Unresistably CUTE!! Can you give me simple instructions on how to make it? preferaably with pictures. Either email me or leave a note on my bloggy. Thanks! Great Job!

  10. A little edit to my previous post and more specific:

    the ball dolls. the cute orange;whale;lamb toys


  11. Hi, Lisa! I was home sick today and decided to search the internet for old friends. Wonderful quilt work you’ve done!

    Hope you are well.

  12. Hi – please may you send me a template for a 4-piece sphere (as in your ‘orange’ ball)…. I can find a 6 piece sphere template from another site but I am trying to make a bluebird out of 4 pieces …. Is there also a 5 piece sphere (which I think your bluebird is possibly made of)
    kind regards
    M Davey

  13. I’ve been looking to purchase the set of Hallmark Gumdrop Gang plush toys. Do you still have yours?

  14. Hi Lisa,

    Your Alice is gorgeous. I have a 9 month old and she has very little hair.


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