Dig in and start doing

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Update: Just fixing a broken link

 Hi there! This spring I began nosing around some crafty blogs, and was stunned by the creativity and camaraderie I witnessed there. I had no idea all this sharing and…making was going on. Where have I been for the past few years?! I’ve rooted for you as you started projects, checked in as you progressed, and cheered when you completed them. I’ve found and used some of the patterns you’ve so generously given and have taken up whole new crafts to do so. (So much for our extra closet space.) And I’ve been touched by your willingness and ability to share some of your personal experiences, motivation, and wisdom with people whom you may never meet. I guess I’m starting this blog because I’d like a place to share some of my crafts and thoughts and connect with others around the world: like those of you who’ve inspired me and a host of others to dig in and start doing.

Speaking of doing, I started on my first apron last night. I’d spotted Rebecca’s lovely green polka dot apron and decided that will be the perfect birthday gift for Kathy. She loves vintage florals and thrifted treasures, so this retro number should be just the ticket.

The pattern is McCall’s #3979, and I’m using these fabrics, which I’ve had for a few years now:


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