And they’re off!

May 6, 2007 at 2:59 am | Posted in Doll Quilt Swap, Quilting, swaps | 8 Comments

I know I said this post was going to be about craft books, but there’s been so much activity in Doll Quilt Swapland, I feel I must give an update:

  • Susan M. received one of the pretty patchworks from Maritza, who’s holding a giveaway on her site for one of the other doll quilts she pieced!
  • Sarah D. received her package Marisa. I’d posted a sneak peek, but the whole quilt (even the tag!) is gorgeous.
    Doh! I just realized I forgot to add the tag to mine before sending it
  • Lynn received a beautiful quilt from Beth. Wonderful colors, and its design reminds me of the quilts of Gee’s Bend. Beth, in turn received the pretty repro quilt from Bonnie.
  • Sarah G.was the lucky recipient of Kim’s collage quilt, and she’s posted some beautiful photos of both in her flickr photostream.

If you’re playing the “following the updates closely to try to suss out who your sender is” game, maybe one of THESE is your quilt:

  • Susan S.‘ appliqued and hand-quilted beauty. And I’m sorry, but that dung beetle with his ball of poop at the top of her post is hilarious.
  • This charming log cabin from Liz. Those colors are so nice, aren’t they? I always love a log cabin.
  • Take a look at the lovely floral fabric Sarah L. included in her quilt.
  • Monica’s bright and pretty repro quilt.

I’ve heard from almost everyone that they have sent or will shortly be sending their quilts, so I’m very pleased with that! We all know how our schedules and sewing machines can sometimes conspire against us around deadline time :o) And don’t forget, US swappers, some of the packages are traveling from the UK or Australia, so don’t fret if you are still waiting on yours.

Next post: craft books, I swear. AND a 100th post giveaway! Yay! *blows party horn*



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  1. Bonnie recieved her quilt from me. I have yet to recieve. I’m anxiously waiting with baited breath! And I am sheepish to admit I am playing the which little quilt is mine game. They are all just so beautiful!

  2. I love all the quilts, who knows, maybe I will join the next round, if the swap becomes and annual event. Take a bow Lisa, this was a wonderful swap.

  3. I got my quilt from Mary Jane Friday and am about to post about it. She doesn’t have a blog but did upload an image to the Flickr set. I love it!

  4. I finally opened my quilt from Sarah D. I blogged about it today. You did a really good job on the swap Lisa. I am looking forward to the next swap you host. Sorry I missed you at the Vera Bradley event. I emailed you. I hope you received it.

  5. I agree; great job, especially embracing beginners into the fold! What’s next?

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I know I’m a pale! Allergies are the devil!

  7. Thank you so much for organizing this, it’s been so much fun! Now where is that post about craft books :P! Just kidding. I know as Swap Master you must be super busy! And congrats on the soon to be 100th post! I can’t wait!

  8. i got my quilt from sarah yesterday! its so pretty, i am so happy!!1
    thanks lisa for all your work

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