Doll Quilt Progress

April 25, 2007 at 8:18 pm | Posted in Doll Quilt Swap, Quilting, Sewing/Crafts, swaps, WIP | 6 Comments

First of all, apologies to poor Francie, whose name I’ve somehow neglected to add to the Doll Quilt Swap page until today. So sorry!

Next, the Doll Quilt Swap flickr group is up and running. If you are a flickr member, you’re invited to post photos of your in-progress projects and packages sent or received. Check out the photos already posted for some inspiration :o) If you’re not a flickr member, e-mail me photos if you’d like me to add your pictures to the pool.

And the swappers march ever onward toward the Monday, April 30th deadline:

  • Susan used a foundation to construct this charmer. Love the eyelet!
  • Kim‘s freewheeling storybook-themed quilt is a real show-stopper
  • Maggi posted a sneak peek at her quilt. Cool looking quilting, Maggi.
  • Bonnie completed her first-ever quilt. GREAT colors!
  • Laura‘s completed her cute & colorful repro-print quilt.

Finally, my quilt is progressing! I’ve finished machine quilting it. Don’t be fooled: almost all of the quilting is plain ol’ straight lines, facilitated by a walking foot. I just need to bind it, wash/dry, and add the tag. Unfortunately, our washer-dryer was pronounced DOA by the nice Sears repair man yesterday, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to launder it…

quilted doll quilt



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  1. WoW! I love how yours is turning out! Those circles are lovely! This is so much fun! Thanks for posting peeks at some more! This is so much fun you will have to do another one!!!! (teehee)

  2. Wow! Your quilt is coming along beautifully! It’s stunning, in fact!

  3. Wow! I’m coming along with mine (first effort, mind you!) It’ll be in the mail on Monday

  4. I just got my quilt, and it’s awesome. I posted a picture of it up on my blog, it’s really adorable! Mine to give away will be in the mail tomorrow….happy times are coming soon for my partner!
    Thanks again for putting this all together!!

  5. oh my! your quilt is gorgeous! i am going to cross my fingers that it is coming to my house!!! hehe. i love how the middle section stands out. and all the quilting! goodness me, you outdid yourself here.
    i am finishing up my seam binding as we speak and will be posting my quilt as requested on monday

  6. Your little quilt is beautiful – I just love the colors you used. It’s lovely! : )

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