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I’ve been a lucky, lucky Lisa for a good month now, as the mail carrier has brought a steady stream of loveliness to me from all over the country.

It really started about 4 weeks ago, with a package with an Alaska return address. Textile artist Linda concocted this fantasy “wild thing” quilt for me for the Doll Quilt Swap. It’s stuffed hand applique, with machine quilting, and it’s incredibly detailed.

DQS2 received

It’s based on a fawn stuffie she’s made, and it’s frolicking in a stand of towering sea oats. Linda’s hand-dyed fabric are exactly the colors I asked for to match my office’s red, green, and black color scheme.

DQS2 received machine quilting detail DQS2 received detail

Her piercing “people eyes” took some getting used to, but she’s settling in nicely now. Thank you again, Linda!

Next, Marisa from California sent a handmade pouch in her signature taupes. It’s a quilted pyramid pouch, pictured here on her beautiful blog. I just love that shape! She’s included a sweet appliqued tag with her knockout calligraphy. Thanking you, thanking me, Marisa! I have enjoyed our exchanges and your generosity in sharing your quilting expertise. I just last night finally figured out the taupe-y treat I’m sending to you: a pear! Inspired by your post about Kwoozy.

This week I received an envelope full of my favorite old childhood friends from Lynn, a.k.a. eggmoney. She sent them as a “thank you” for co-hosting the Doll Quilt Swap. Well, it was an honor to have her among our number. Her quilts are real knockouts! She also has an etsy shop full of lovely items. How did she pick these out? They’re perfect for me! Thank you, Lynn!


eggmoney cards 5

Georgie Porgie (waaaannnnnhhhhhh!)

eggmoney cards 2

Go, Dog, Go! This would make a great congratulations or good luck card.

eggmoney cards 1

Marvin K. Mooney (hmph!)

eggmoney cards 4

and my favorite friend, George

eggmoney cards 3

I dragged Ryan to the theater see the Curious George movie when it came out a year or two ago. We were “unchaperoned” by any kiddies: just a couple of thirty-somethings loving the familiar episodes, as well as the Jack Johnson soundtrack.

Finally, my streak of luck apparently reaches beyond my mailbox. I’ve found some super things at the thrift store lately.

quilt cubes 3

quilt cubes 1 quilt cubes 2
These are 1″ wooden blocks that you can use to make designs. I know I’m supposed to be a grown-up, but it’s been fun to play around with these. They have 4 solid colors and 2 sides with half-square triangles. They’ll undoubtedly come in handy for Kim’s Doll Quilt Challenge. One of the upcoming months will feature the Fresh Traditions quilt, which uses a lot of HSTs!

crewel teddy

Look at this little cute bear. He was a dollar. The overalls!

And I had the find of a lifetime: a Gocco printer for $2.50: rhymes with “thrifty.” I spotted the box from across the store and my heart skipped a beat. You know that feeling if you frequent thrift stores. Then you stroll nonchalantly toward your prize and snatch it off the shelf and hug it to your chest, hardly believing your luck. Or is that just me?

I’ve already tried it out on our Christmas cards. We didn’t send any out last year, we were that late. So maybe if I start in August, we’ll be able to get them out in time in 2007!

christmas card design 07

This design is a tribute to the artist Charley Harper. I’ve only recently found out about him, through Design*Sponge. He sadly passed away in June, but he leaves quite a large body of work. His paintings are everything I love about art: they’re humorous, stylized, graphic, and very very colorful.



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  1. Love those cubes and $2.50!!!!!!!

  2. The card is amazing. The printer is quite a find!

  3. o.m.F.g. $2.50?! I’m dying of jealousy over here!

  4. LOL, Sarah! I know: I’ve been drooling over Gocco for a long time now. I can’t believe my good fortune.

  5. you ARE lucky! we had those cubes when I was growing up. Where oh where are they now??

  6. I came across your gocco creation from Flickr. Fabulous find! If you don’t mind my asking – how did you print your cards without having the red ink of the bird bleed into the green of the xmas trees? Thanks!

  7. Wow, you sure done good! :0) And that card is absolutely fabulous, you are a wonderful artist. I’ll go slink away now, green with envy over all your things…

  8. Woohoo, such finds!

  9. you did NOT!!!! a gocco? $2.50? oh, i bow down to your thrifting prowess. wowza.

  10. you had a great time, lucky you:)

  11. you are lucky! my favourite is that card at the bottom.

  12. Wow!! You really HAVE been lucky lucky :-)

  13. find of a lifetime! enjoy that gocco — looks like you’re off to a fantastic start!!

  14. Yay mail and yay thrift goodness! If you need help with the gocco supplies: bulbs, screens, let me know – I’ve found a souce!

  15. LUCKY! *said a la Napolean Dynamite*

  16. Wow Lisa! Lucky girl!What great gifts and finds!
    I love your christmas card!!!!

  17. Hi Lisa! I’m super excited to be your Owl Swap partner!!! Shoot me an email with all your info!

  18. You still there?

  19. Hi there, I would like to swap or buy from you, I have a little girl that I would love to have your dolls/round balls, please contact me if that is ok, I know that Im going to say what everyone else has, but you have done such an excellent job of them, you should be very pround of yourself.


  20. sorry forget my email address


  22. I’m writing re: the Doll Quilt Swap (round II). I sent and got a note from the person I sent to, but I haven’t received, I’ve emailed my SwapMama (Sarah), I’ve emailed the dollquiltswap email, I’ve never gotten a single reply from anyone. I’m just really frustrated to have put a lot of other things aside to have completed my end of this and to not even know the status of what’s going on, with my swap partner or with the swap overall (are other people missing their quilts?). Any note would be appreciated, even if it’s to say that the swap was a train wreck and it will take 6 more weeks to sort out, or someone had a drive crash and there’s no idea when anyone will recover all the info or whatever. I’d really appreciate getting any word at all from anyone involved in the swap. Thank you.

  23. Doll Quilt Swap issue is on it’s way to being resolved. Sorry to hijack your comments for it!

  24. Oh, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa…where have you gone? No more posts? Sniff sniff..missing you…

  25. Me too missing you – hope all is well!

  26. HI Lisa!
    Have you mailed your owl swap? Your partner has not recieved it. Please get in touch with me :) Thanks!

  27. Oh Lovely Lisa- Where are you?
    I suppose you are busy making some super fantastic gift for your nephew’s party next weekend? I can’t wait to see it and you! (and the snake and the sloth!) :)

  28. Hope you are well, I keep checking in to see if you are back on the scene :)

  29. Hey y’all,

    Lisa’s had a crazy-rough time of it lately – a flood, a fire, & other stuff I can’t remember because I was in shock from the first stuff she told me. She’s doing well, and hopes to be back at it again in the new year.

  30. just checking in…it’s been waaaayyy too long and many of us are wondering where o where you have gone!! hope all is well!! xx

  31. i typed before i read Heidi’s post there. oh how sad for you!! so sorry to hear about all your troubles. let us know if we can do SOMETHING for you!! xx

  32. I hope is well with her and send best wishes, come back soon.

  33. gah! $2.50!? wow …. you ARE lucky lisa! :) LOVE your treasures – and what a joy to have such beautiful and bountiful mail :)

  34. Hi –

    Those design cubes were my favorite as a child. I used to play with them for hours. Maybe that’s the reason I’m a quilter today!!!

    I found an article about a guy who had patented them as a learning / reading development tool for kids with learning disabilities. Who knew!!

    • How very interesting, Nancy! I should take them out for my toddler to play with. I think they might still be a little small for her, though. She’s teething and EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. Durn molars.

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