So, here’s how I did the piggy legs:

leg tute 12

Here’s the little guy. I think he looks like a cross between the sample photo in the book and your little piggy (whom I thought was very cute). Did they put the ears on the other way in the sample pics? I followed the ear diagrams in the instructions but I think I need to reexamine ear placement on my next piggy.

leg tute 01

Here’s the underside. Disregard the tuck on the leg nearest the top of the page. That’s just bad sewin’ on my part. See how smooth the joints are between the legs and tummy gusset? Here’s how:

  • Match the leg to the appropriate notch in the gusset. Here are the two pieces, both right side up.

leg tute 02

  • Flip the gusset piece wrong side up, on top of the leg.

leg tute 03

  • You’re not matching them up exactly. It’s kind of a crisscross, with the center of the X at the seamline.* See the detail below.

leg tute 04

  • Since the edge of the leg piece is relatively straight, you’ll be pulling down the curvy seam of the gusset to match the straighter leg piece as you sew. This pic shows that process OUTSIDE of the sewing machine for easier visibility.

leg tute 05

  • Here is the same process of pulling down and to the left, with the pieces in the sewing machine. I backtacked at the beginning and end of the seam.

leg tute 06 

  • See how, at the end of the seam, it should be the same “X” as at the beginning of the seam?

leg tute 07

  • So now the leg stands up by itself.

leg tute 08

  • I kind of like this construction better than a one-piece legs-and-belly gusset because I’m not so great at sewing darts.
  • Clip the seam close to the stitching line.

leg tute 09

  • Finger-press the seam open.

leg tute 10

  • Voila! Smooooooth piggy leggy.

leg tute 11

The end!

*I figured out that for the actual-sized patterns in the book, the seam is about 3/16″, or 1.5 eighths (since my machine bed is marked in 1/8″ increments, it’s easier for me to think that way). So if you enlarged the pattern to double the size, you’d just need a 3/8″ seam. That size’d probably be better for my nerves, as turning that tiny sucker right-side out was pretty stressful for both me AND the piggy!!


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  1. YES!!!! This makes so much sense!! Thank you, Lisa!!

    I’m not sure on the ears. I do know that my ears did not look the same. The pig in the book had a lot more space between his ears LOL

    Thank you again, Lisa. I appreciate this SOOOO much!

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