William the Orange

July 27, 2007 at 10:45 am | Posted in plush, Sewing/Crafts | 17 Comments

My friend Lara, who’s Dutch, had a baby Tuesday!* I wanted to make the new arrival a little gift.

This is William the Orange. He’s named after William of Orange. The House of Orange is the royal family of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

William the Orange

*That exclamation point was originally a period, but then I remembered that episode of Seinfeld about punctuating a note about a new baby and changed it. Changed IT!


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  1. What a perfect new-baby gift!

  2. Very cute! Do you have a pattern for ball toys like that? I need to make a ball.

  3. I love William, and I’m sure the baby will love him, too! He’s so sweet!

  4. So cute!

  5. Gotta love Seinfeld! Love the orange, I live in FL..I should make one but I think I will just admire yours :)

  6. This Orange looks so happy! I almost want to juice him.

  7. What a cute baby gift!

  8. Adorable! (see the exclamation point there?)

  9. Wow, what a very cute creation!

  10. So cute and perfectly round!!

  11. hehe william is adorable.
    lucky baby

  12. Love that orange!

  13. Cute and so much fun for a little one. Hey Lisa you’ve just been tagged!

  14. Lovely William de Orange!

  15. Heloo… Erm. i want to learn how to sew balls… [not exactly ball, the frog’s head suppose to be a ball]

    i’m a new starter >< i want to make a plush but i dont’ know how………………….

  16. hello. I saw William the Orange for the first time 3 years ago, while i was preparing a presentation on Ireland at the university. I came across this lovely pic of William and it may sound odd to some but i made it mt phone’s wallpaper for thousand times, he’s been a friend of me since my first grade. now I am at 4th grade, i still see him around. and I love William :)

  17. and now I found William’s family it is fun :))

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