A day late and a dollar short

July 13, 2007 at 6:45 pm | Posted in Doll Quilt Swap, Quilting, Sewing/Crafts, swaps | 25 Comments

Yesterday, fellow Doll Quilt Swapper Kathy and I had an all-afternoon-and-evening push to complete our quilts for DQSII. I’m happy to report that, one day past the sending deadline for the early wave of swappers, I’ve finished hand-quilting and binding Peachy Keen. It’s on its way to a far, far away country and a lady I hope likes it very much.

Peachy Keen

As I mentioned before, the design for the quilt came from Denyse Schmidt’sWhat a Bunch of Squares.”

I named it “Peachy Keen because it reminded me of these:

Its final dimensions were 19-1/2″ wide X 23-3/4″ long.

peachy keen detail

I found hand-quilting it to be quite enjoyable. I love the way hand sewing really demands that you slow down and focus on the project – the stitch, even – at hand. I felt successful with even two good (okay, passable) stitches in a row and immersed myself in the process, rather than rushing through every seam. “Done” is a delight, but “doing” was just as much so with this!

peachy keen back

I have a few blocks that didn’t make it into the quilt. I want to include them in Denyse Schmidt Sampler. And hand-quilt it, of course.



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  1. It’s beautiful, sweet and sophisticated all at the same time! You are so right about handwork, it is really centering and relaxing when so much else in the world seems to be all about speed.

  2. It’s absolutely wonderful; whoever receives it is lucky indeed!

  3. i think it’s gorgeous. maybe i’ll do something like this instead of the log cabin quilt that i was thinking of. i think this would fit better.

  4. I love love LOVE that quilt! You did an amazing job! Your swap partner is one lucky gal.

  5. Oh, it’s just perfect. Your partner is one lucky gal! I love the blue stripe on the back–totally makes it.

  6. It’s beautiful!

  7. Wow Wow Wow!!! That is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. It’s wonderful!

  9. Love it, you did a great job!

  10. It looks really great.

  11. I was wishing and hoping that this one might be for me, but alas, I am not in a far away land. So BEAUTIFUL!

  12. Its gorgeous. The colours are just superb.

  13. Well done Lisa! It looks really fabulous. Even my hubbie leaned over the keyboard and said how much he liked it. Hmmm Peaches!

  14. Lisa, let me know via email which fabric(s) you liked and I would love to pop some in the post for you – I think an Uber Swap Mama deserves something back, don’t you!

  15. Lovely! Just perfect. You’ve got a great eye for color, and it really shows in this piece.

    I agree with your thoughts on hand quilting — for me, it is both relaxing (meditative?) and very detailed. Maybe it’s relaxing because I find myself having to focus on each stitch. In any case, I’m really enjoying it. Glad to hear that you did, too!

  16. Oh, wow. I got here via Flickr and I have to say, I love a.) the swap idea b.) your quilts and c.) the quilts you’ve recieved. And the thought of doing a Denyse Schmidt quilt in mini-scale.

    I’ve a toddler and a newborn in the house, so my sewing time is, oh, nonexistent, but when I do get a little time I’m going to make a few doll quilts as gifts. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Adorable!

  18. Simply gorgeous! Love the name as well :-)

  19. Oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous!!!

  20. Great color combination. I heart Denyse’s designs, so naturally I think you made an fabulous choice there!

  21. This quilt is just fantastic, Lisa! Gorgeous!

  22. Oh wow! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  23. lovely quilts!
    they are so gorgeous! great work, keep doing.

  24. The quilt is lovely and the name is perfect!

  25. I love it! you did a great job!

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