100th post party!

May 16, 2007 at 10:09 am | Posted in Blog, games, plush, Sewing/Crafts | 48 Comments

Woo hoo!

Now, I know some of you wonderful bloggers out there hit this landmark post after just a few months, but me? Well, let’s just say I’ve been stopping to smell the roses a bit, so it’s taken me just a week or two shy of a year! I think it’s been about a year and a half since I happened upon my first crafter’s blog (www.loosetooth.com – Brandy’s a fellow Chicagoan), but it seems like so much longer! I can’t imagine what I’d do without y’all :o) I’ve been known to say that I treat this, along with my flickr photostream, as the World’s Biggest Refrigerator Door, a place to post my craft for everyone to see, just like a grade schooler’s wonky art projects. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on what you have read and seen.

Faithful readers may recall a promise or two for a crafty book post, but, well, my camera batteries were about out of juice, and I had to make a choice between the books, and…


100th post party pig

I hope you’re not too disappointed, but I just HAD to upload this smiley little guy. I know it’s a pink pig, flowered even, but I always think of all my softies as boys for some reason? Anyway, I’d have liked to give the pig away to the hundredth person who comments on this post, but I think it would take another YEAR for that many comments to accumulate here and that would make me cry!

So, friends and lurkers, leave a comment below and I will choose a RANDOM commenter on Monday to give this piggy to. And as a bonus, if by some chance we do reach 100 comments by Monday, I’ll send #100 a little something fun, too! That’s two chances to win, people! One comment per person, please! I’ll remove any multiple comments before drawing a name.

Gotta run – I have a quilt to start….er, finish for a shower this weekend. Typical. Come back Monday for the results of the giveaway(s). I’ll also post a Doll Quilt Swap One update on the new swap page: http://dollquiltswap.wordpress.com. Round two is coming in June!

Oh, and speaking of little quilts, did you notice that the Whiplash theme for May is miniature quilts? They even linked to our flickr photo pool. Hooray!



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  1. I LOVE that pig :) He’s adorable!!! Happy Blogiversary!!
    Here’s to many many more !!!


  2. Woo hoo! Congrats on 100 posts!! And your little party pig is adorable!

  3. Adorable! I blogged about your little piggy and contest here: http://noricum.blogspot.com/2007/05/found-on-flickr-and-contest-alert.html

  4. I was going to be sneaky and try my luck at post #100, but I would probably forget to enter at all… so hurray for the round animals! I love them all! Happy 100 posts. That’s so amazing. The party pig is just perfect.

  5. Thanks to you, I made my first quilt! Happy 100th post.

  6. Congrats on the blogging milestone! My fingers are crossed for that cute little piggie.

  7. Congratulations on 100 posts! That little piggy is freaking ADORABLE!

  8. Happy 100th post – here’s to the next 100!

  9. congratulations on 100 posts! i think your piggy is so cute! i hope i win!

  10. Happy 100th post Lisa! As usual, you have made something really cute and creative!! I am still bummed that we didn’t get to meet in Ft. Wayne. :)

  11. oink!

  12. I’m so excited that there will be another Doll Quilt Swap! I had such a wonderful experience with the first one! PS Congratulations on 100 posts!

  13. merry 100th post and long life with your blog

  14. Happy 100th. And thanks for all the inspiration you send my way.

  15. congratulation on 100 posts! There is always something interesting on your blog!

  16. Congrats! And that little pig is adorable : )

  17. Happy 100th post!! I had fun reading your blog! ^o^

  18. What? No stuffing the comment box? Sheesh you are no fun. Kidding aside, Happy 100th post glad I made that comment on your flickr refrigerator door!

  19. Happy 100th! I hope you get 100 comments, I never have had that experience.

  20. Congrats on getting to 100, I really enjoyed watching the doll quilt swap very much.

  21. Congrats on 100!-the pig is too cute!

  22. I love that pig! I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the photo load!

  23. Number 23 and its early morning! you’re off to a good start!

  24. Happy Blogiversary! Please throw my name in the hat for that ADORABLE piggy!

  25. Hi Lisa,
    Long time,no hear! :)I’ve been lurking now & then since my husband moved out of state for his job,anyways,congrats on your 100th post!!!…the rate I’m going,it’ll be a long time before I reach 50!lol!Anyways,I hope I win that cute pig!I absolutely love everything you make!Anyways,I bet you get hundreds of posts before the weekend is up…giveaways always bring out lurkers like us! ;) Bye for now!

  26. Cute, cute pig….great site…I have read you often, but what a better time for a first post then a giveaway?? Keep up the happy work!

  27. Happy hundreth, that’s the cutest piggy ever! And *pink,* no less, what could be better? So glad to have found your blog and your doll quilt swap. Here’s to 100 more!

  28. awwwwwwwwwww he’s soooooooooo cute!!!! (Pink or not, I immediately thought boy pig, too. In fact, I was helping my niece make a pink/red stuffed frog the other day and we both kept referring to it as “he”!)

  29. That pig is way too adorable!!

  30. Congrats on your 100th! Love the piggy. I’m so happy you’re having another mini quilt swap, this time I’m jumping on the wagon.

  31. Happy blogiversary!! The pig is adorable!

  32. I love that little piggy! congrats on your 100th post. it’s always a good landmark to make!

  33. That is too cute!

  34. I collect pigs, so I’m sure that I’ll win. You and your amazing blog…and your amazing doll quilt swap which we all loved so dearly…like I always say, you’re a ROCK STAR Lisa!!

  35. i just recently came across your adorable round animals! i think they are wonderful! congrats on 100 posts! its fun to have a look at your fridge :)

  36. Wow! What an adorable pig! Your colors are fabulous. He would look right at home in my living room on the mantel or in my kitchen in the china cupboard. I promise to send you a photo of him in his new home when i win! Hee-hee!
    I popped on over to Flickr to see your photos and you are a very talented person. It is very wonderful that your took sewing lessons at the age of nine!
    I didn’t learn to love sewing until I was 22. I took a class in junior high, but it was awful.
    But when my first baby was born and she was a girl I wanted to make cute clothes for her. I still had the sewing machine my Mom had bought me when I was 12. My darling mother-in-law helped me along the way and I sewed a dress and pinafore for my Chandra. By the time I had three children I was sewing all their summer clothes, all of Carissa’s clothes, most of Chandra’s clothes, hair scrunchies, shoe decorations, big hair bows and clothes for myself.
    Hop on over to my blog for a fat quarter giveaway!

  37. The Little Guy brought a big smile to my day. Wonderful.

    I have been enjoying the doll quilts. Post more pictures,please, they are fabulous.

  38. what a darling little piggy! congrats on your 100th! i am nowhere near there im sure.

  39. Ooooo, what a cute little pig… I’d love to give him a new home!!

    congrats on your 100th post!

  40. wow! happy 100th! and many more to come!! :)

  41. oink,oink!! he’s so cute!!! congrats and happy 100th!! wishing you all the best from Bulgaria

  42. Happy 100!

  43. Happy 100th! :) That is SUCH a cute piggy! *pats it* I’ve been a reader for a while, but not so much a commenter. Shame on me.

  44. Happy 100th! Your dolls are so lovable and they make me smile! Oink oink…

  45. well congrats on a few things:

    1 – your 100th post. how did you keep track? Can we do that with wordpress?
    2 – a successful doll quilt swap
    3 – the exposure you’re gettin grom whip up!

    now, do you know where my tv remote is? I can’t find it.

  46. That’s a great pig! Happy 100th :).

  47. happy 100! great job!

  48. Hi..!!
    I love that pig. I want to know how I can do.


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