Yes, sir – yes, sir, one box full!

April 29, 2007 at 11:34 am | Posted in swaps, Thrifty Goodness | 10 Comments

sweaters for sonya

This is an overdue box of cashmere and wool sweaters that I’m sending west to the lovely knitsonya* for a personal swap. I’ve been blest to find so many wonderful sweaters for very good prices at the thrift store, and the poor dear has lots of competition for such gems in San Francisco. She’s has such a talent for working with wool; I can’t wait to see what she does with them!

And I know it’s better to give than to receive, but what I received…! Sonya sent the most thoughtful and generous package. Each item was chosen with care and I love it all!

Too much fabric! Floral and pink fabric from Sonya Dotty fabric Owl fabric

The fabric’s working its way through the wash so that I can start using it right away.

sonyaswap vintage buttons Red vintage buttons fruit buttons

I’ve admired her vintage buttons, and now some of them are MY vintage buttons :o). Amazing aren’t they?

She also sent candy, which didn’t last long enough for the photo shoot (Mr. Lisa K. LOVES candy), and some pretty pink thread and cotton batting. I’m aaaalllllll set for crafting this spring, between this great swap and some quilt shop gift certificates and books my wonderful friends gave me for my birthday.

Thank you, Sonya! Your package will be en route tomorrow!

Next post: new crafty books!

*News flash: Sonya’s j u s t opened an etsy shop. Check there soon for some of her sure-to-be-wonderful creations.


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  1. that’s a mighty nice swap you were involved in!!! i have a lot of sweaters too that need to be felted and made into stuff. infact, i have SO much stuff that needs to be made into stuff, now that i’m not doing purses so much anymore.

  2. Your very welcome. Thanks for the props and the etsy shout out, you’re the best.

  3. Wow, those sweaters look pretty cool. Felt away!!

  4. Love the owl fabric!

  5. The owls are too cute. I also LOVE the quilt me labels. I’m excited to see what the sweaters will turn out to be!

  6. I am a fairly new visitor to your blog but love all the crafty photos. I hope you don’t mind that I linked to you in my sidebar. Do you mind me asking where you find all these wonderful swaps? I know one can always start one’s own, but I think first I’d like to find a good one in which to participate. I think they are a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing. -SJ

  7. They both look edible.

  8. oh such swappy goodness! i am loving the owl fabric and the buttons, especially the fruit. what a great swap. and im sure she will make some yummy things with those oh so pretty wools you sent her!

  9. All the swaps turned out so cool. You are so generous to coordinate all of it and for following up on the what’s what after they have all started to arrive. It’s so thrilling to get a little quilted goodie in the mail.

  10. What beautiful packages you are sending AND receiving!!!

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