Another thrifty score

March 27, 2007 at 10:38 am | Posted in Quilting, Thrifty Goodness | 5 Comments

I know it seems like I’ve been spending all my free time in thrift stores, but….okay. You got me. I’ve been spending all my free time in thrift stores! You can find some real treasures there. One-of-a-kind things. And at such low prices, you feel a little guilty. For example:

thrifting 03-23 baby quilt

This baby quilt belonged to the cashier at the thrift store where I purchased it. She said it was hers or her younger sister’s, she couldn’t remember which. Her mom and dad bought an RV and were selling or giving away many of their possessions, and so this (she thinks) 100-year-old, hand-pieced and quilted beauty is mine, all mine (insert evil laugh). I assured her that I was a quilter and would take good care of it, and that seemed to lessen some of her wistfulness.

baby quilt detail

The most interesting part of the quilt, for me, is that each of the teeny colored squares is appliqued on individually. For example, in the “stem” in the pic above the two-square-tall blue rectangle is actually two squares sewn separately onto the white background. Is this a crazy technique that I’ve never heard of before? Or was it a cross-stitch sampler pattern adapted into a quilt? And speaking of patterns, does anyone know what that tree/flower bouquet pattern is called, if it is a traditional pattern?

baby quilt letter detail

Each of the squares is a hair less than an inch. The entire quilt is about 40″ long, and it’s in great shape. Couple of tiny worn spots in the binding, but that’s it.

I’ll post again tomorrow: another thrift store find, and some cool Japanese books I got on eBay. I have to run: it’s our weekly crafty day today! Apron and potholders to make!



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  1. My goodness that was a good find.

  2. that is just breathtaking!

  3. It really is breathtaking.

    It makes me sad, sorta, to see people let family treasures slip away like that (old books, family Bibles, and photographs break my heart that way), but I love knowing that it’ll become someone else’s family treasure now.

    I’d hang that on a nursery wall.

  4. what an amazing find!! i know what you mean, it does look like a cross stitch pattern…sorry, can’t help with the type of design shown here. score-a-rama!!

  5. Cute quilt!

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