Pistachio bunny

March 15, 2007 at 10:49 pm | Posted in Sewing/Crafts, Thrifty Goodness | 8 Comments

Betz White, of Martha Stewart and cupcake pincushion fame, shared a tutorial for making cashmere bunnies on her blog this week . I was lucky enough to have bought 2 armloads of cashmere at a local thrift store (I went back the next day and found five more, after the original six; I still haven’t paid more than $2.20 for one), so this seemed like a perfect project for Kath and Lisa’s Weekly Crafty Day.

pistachio bunny

Fun fact: I held him upright with a miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, which I promptly ate after taking the last photo.

I traced Betz’s templates and cut everything out, including two ear linings from one of my favorite springtime fabrics (same stuff I used for the egg– and heart-shaped yo-yos). I was a little worried about sewing the stretchy sweater, but it wasn’t too bad. Just make sure if you try it to pin, pin, pin. Did I say pin? I experimented on the ears with sewing with the sweater on top and then on the bottom. I seemed to have better luck, strangely enough, with the cashmere on the feed dog side (on the bottom). It’s just s’darn slippery. I haven’t tried it with the walking foot. Next one, maybe.

When turned, the bunny looked super wonky, especially just in front of the feet (his ankles?). Stuffing seemed to resolve that strangeness. Now, as a notorious overstuffer, it’s hard to know when to say “when,” since the knit gives so much. I actually ended up un-stuffing his rear and re-doing it because he had a little too much junk in the trunk.

Oopsie, I plumb forgot to sew on his tail! Well, you get the idea. I’ll re-shoot him with some brothers and sisters before the weekend’s out.


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  1. he’s perfect!! i’ve been wanting a go at him when i first saw the pattern, but cashmere goes for quite a lot even at the thrft store. well done (and thanks for the tip…”pin, pin, pin”)

  2. He looks perfect to me or your a damn good photograher. How about a pom pom on his rear, now that would be cute!

  3. Yay! Thanks for sharing…you did a great job.

  4. Love it…so cute!Makes you feel all “springy” even though it’s cold out right now in Michigan. :)

  5. I added these to my wistlist so that I can remember to make them. i’m just in SUCH a crocheting fix that i haven’t really done anything sewing-like. boo to me!

  6. The colour scheme is very sweet, I’m in love! I’ve got a delicious old lambs wool sweater that I just can’t bear to do away with and this might be the perfect project to use it. I wonder if it would be OK to use lambs wool instead of cashmere? Only one way to find out!

  7. […] are as cute as I do! Since I posted how to make them I have seen more and more bunnies hopping and popping up almost everywhere I look! […]

  8. […] are as cute as I do! Since I posted how to make them I have seen more and more bunnies hopping and popping up almost everywhere I look! […]

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