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March 13, 2007 at 9:04 pm | Posted in Thrifty Goodness | 7 Comments

I visited a thrift store this afternoon, and holy cow, did I score. I picked up six cashmere sweaters, two wool sweaters, a sleeveless top, a tin, a tablecloth, and a cute vintage valance. Any guesses at my grand total at checkout?

 $12.98. Yup. I almost cussed out loud. Here’s a look at the haul:

Wool sweater 1 is by Norm Thompson. They actually still sell this one. It was originally $129.00. Mine was $1.20. I liked the rose motif and think I might turn this into a pillow.

Wool rose pattern sweater

Wool sweater 2 is by Tommy Hilfiger and has pretty colors in an allover diamond pattern. Here’s a detail of the pattern; I like the brights against the beige.

Wool turtleneck diamond pattern sweater Wool diamond pattern sweater - detail

I also scored two red cashmere turtlenecks, one from Gene Meyer ($1.80) and one from Country Shop ($0.80). One of them actually fits me, but I already have a red cashmere turtleneck. Ha. Figures.

Red turtleneck cashmere  sweater Another red turtleneck cashmere sweater

Here’s a soft grey SO brand scoopneck with ribbed details, only $1.20. The pistachio cardigan on the right was also $1.20.

Grey ribbed scoopneck cashmere sweater Sage green cashmere cardigan

Two last sweaters: A navy blue J Crew polo sweater for $1.80 and a camel crewneck for $1.20.

Navy polo cashmere sweater Camel crewneck cashmere  sweater

I plan to felt the sweaters and use some of the cashmere ones to make the cute bunnies from Betz’s tutorial. I might try to make some pillows or purses or pouches with the rest. I actually kinda wish I could make a luxe patchwork throw blanket with them, but I’m a bad estimator and don’t know how much square footage I’d get out of them, especially once they’re felted. I’ll post my progress.

I love this little tin for so many reasons. Many of the graphics on it are filled in with pretty calico patterns, like the cow in the fourth photo.

Tin, side 1 Tin, side 2
Tin, side 3 Tin, side 4

Here’s the top:

Tin top

I also picked up some textiles. I’m not sure what they’ll end up being. This yellow fabric is a valance with some cher little animals. I just this moment realized that, like the tin above, some of the “fills” are calico prints, a little like feedsacks. Only $0.90!

curtain 04 curtain 02 curtain 01 curtain 07curtain 06 curtain 05 curtain 03

I tried to put this tablecloth down a couple of times, but each time, the happy vegetables won me back over. For less than two dollars, how could I not? I think they might have been a hand-painted transfer, since the color’s a little uneven. But they’re so cute!

Vegetable tablecloth 2 Vegetable tablecloth 1

My highest-priced item was a $2.80 Dockers top with pleats in the shoulder seam and a cute band collar. It’s covered with fuzz from all those sweaters, but it fits perfectly. Can’t wait for summer!

sleeveless top

Speaking of summer, it was actually 72 degrees here today, but March is just teasing us: it’s supposed to snow later this week.



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  1. Woot! You scored big time! I love those first 2 sweaters. Lucky you!

  2. This is an amazing haul and for next to nothing. I need to go out and look for some wool sweaters for felting. Unfortunately it is me and the entire crafting population of San Francisco. I will have to burn some incense for the Thrift Gods before I go.

  3. Holy… you certainly did luck out. I can’t wait to see what you make. I have a thing for felted stuff :)

  4. […] of cashmere at a local thrift store (I went back the next day and found five more, after the original six; I still haven’t paid more than $2.20 for one), so this seemed like a perfect project for […]

  5. Great score! I love days like that were you hit the thrift jackpot. I really like your taste in sweaters ;-)

  6. Oh lovely, lovely knitwear!! I too have seen the bunny tutorial – but I ‘ve yet to have a go. Love your tin too. Mary

  7. Hello,

    I was wondering, you talk about the sweaters being felted … how is that done? I read a yarn dying tutorial last night and they spoke about the yarn felting. Do you soak the yarn in water and then just pull it apart? Your reply is most appreciated. Thanks, Donna.

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