Ball dolls: Beaver

February 25, 2007 at 11:07 pm | Posted in Sewing/Crafts | 12 Comments

Meet Buck! He gave me a little trouble, but in the end I won. I had teeth like that before orthodontia.

Ball dolls - Beaver

The piece de resistance, I think, is his corduroy tail. Irresistable.

Ball dolls - Beaver tail

My friend Kathy and I spent a snowy but very enjoyable afternoon on the West Suburban Shop Hop. It’s a kind of scavenger hunt in 9 area quilt shops trying to locate a little embroidered symbol at each stop and getting our passports stamped along the way. Kathy’s a pretty new crafter and hadn’t ever been in a fabric shop except Jo-Ann before. It was fun watching her reaction to all the beautiful fabrics and patterns available at the shops.

I showed the whale to some of the shop staff and owners, and they were all very enthusiastic about the design. They all encouraged me to write up and print the whale pattern (and the others) and many offered to sell it in their shops. Wow! I was flattered by their reaction. I’d better get to work on those write-ups soon.



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  1. He is my favorite so far!

  2. You should definately copyright your design. They are soooo cute. I like the tail for the beaver and his teeth…:*)

  3. This one is cute too! Have you thought about a giraffe?

  4. The tail was a really nice touch, he’s cute.

  5. I agree, I need a pattern!! You must do a pattern and make it available on Etsy or in a book or something!!

    I love, love, love the beaver. ACK!!

  6. LOVE. THIS.

  7. The ball animals are WONDERFUL. Perhaps I can attempt something like them after I get that fantastic pattern you sent going!

    I was so grateful to receive your package last week in the midst of pneumonia hell. It’s perfectly perfect and I took Mister Little Pea to McPantses’ school librarian to ask her if she’d like me to make her one and gift it and the book to the library. She SQUEALED.

    (I loved that.)

    We bought kona cotton that afternoon and it’s washed and ready to go.

    I will post pics on my blog when I can force myself to MAKE pics of it.

    Thank you so very much. Will you e-mail me your addy so that I can send something in return? I meant to save the darn box and didn’t. Par for the course lately.

  8. Hi Lisa,
    Your beaver is really cute! :)Have you ever done a monkey ball doll before…I think that could be very cute with those little monkey ears. :) Pretty soon you’ll need to sew up a little barn & aquarium to keep all your animals in. :) They are all just so adorable!They are excellent gifts to go with books…you could put them in a basket & wrap them up in cellophane….too cute!I think little kids would just get a kick out of these & I’m sure they would sell at any store….who can resist those cute round animals! :)

  9. Your ball animals are adorable! I agree with all the shop owners, and I would definitely buy every ball animal pattern you put out!

  10. Love Buck and love your whale!

  11. Ahhhh, too cute! Buck is wonderful.

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