Heart yo-yo

February 21, 2007 at 9:16 am | Posted in Sewing/Crafts | 2 Comments

Penny Sanford posted some lovely photos of heart yo-yos on her blog a couple of weeks back. I’d tried making hearts from regular, old round yo-yos, with so-so results. Nothin’ sadder than so-so yo-yos!

heart yoyo

Penny also very generously shared a pattern and hints for making these little cuties. While the directions are very clear and detailed, and the result is admittedly quite a looker, I really struggled with the process! This isn’t a reflection on the pattern; she couldn’t have been more specific and helpful. Perhaps it was because I chose to “whip it up” right at bedtime, but I felt like I was all thumbs, and got pretty frustrated before I finished. In particular, having to sew in two different directions was a real challenge for me. Kinda like trying to brush your teeth with the other hand – felt really odd! I think I’ll try another one sometime and see if I wasn’t just being a silly goose and missing something in her instructions. More than likely, I was just getting tired and cranky.

Okay, I’m off now to make something easier (for me, anyway!) more ball dolls :o)

(Wow, since I took the photo above, the fog’s really rolled in here in Chicagoland. Looks kinda spooky outside).


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  1. I think you did a marvelous job with your first heart yoyo! You should see my first attempts as I tried different shaped hearts to achieve the desired effect. One looked more like a BAT than a heart! LOL

    I’d love to share your photo (from this blog) with my readers…and link to your fun description! Let me know if that would be ok with you: penny (at) pennysanford (dot) com

    An Asian Cajun, huh? That sounds delightfully spicy! *grin*

    I’m enjoying your blog and projects!

  2. That little bird is painfully cute! Love him and all your other rolly creatures!

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