No thanks, I’m stuffed!

November 17, 2006 at 5:26 pm | Posted in Sewing/Crafts | 3 Comments

For WIP Friday, stuffed Christmas trees!

stuffed trees WIP

I’ve long loved bella dia’s and little birds’ versions of these. Then I was nosing around Anthropologie’s sitelast night and spotted their t-a-a-a-a-l-l-l-l-l stripey ones, which I couldn’t find for sale there, so I set out to make a wee forest of my own today from scraps of some of my favorite fabrics. The math really got me, so I just ended up rolling up a cone of paper and using that as a template, then figuring out the size of the bottom circle with Ye Olde Calculator. (Circumference=2πr). For the large one, I traced a big round tray, and for the small one, a bowl, which I then ate lunch from. Chicken and sweet potatoes, yum.

Why, oh, why, didn’t I check Stephanie’s site before doing all the figuring?! As of yesterday, she’s promised a pattern next week! Ah, well, so I exercised my creaky brain.

 At any rate, a friend and I are getting together next week for some crafting, and I think we’ll probably whip up a bunch of these for gifties., maybe in sets of three, one of each size. They’re easy and fun to make. I’d recommend checking out Little Birds next week for the pattern.


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  1. it’s already on my to-do list! but i do like yours.. and the photo you took of them is splendid!

  2. Love your trees! I saw those at Anthropolgie and tried to find them for sale, too. LOL

  3. Great job on the trees! I’m going to check that blog fo sho! You also did a wonderful job on coloriffic. Let me tell you shipping to Portugal was SCARY!! It was expensive and my package JUST arrived about two weeks ago! Insane!

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