ISBN 4834715574

October 29, 2006 at 12:10 am | Posted in Sewing/Crafts | 3 Comments

cover isbn 4834715574
Available on Amazon Japan.

I only know a handful of words in Japanese, but this book really spoke to me. Okay, it yelled. And what was it yelling? “BUY ME!” of course.

The lowdown: 98 pages, 79 stuffies. Maybe about a half dozen of them also appear in this book, which I also have. And some of the others look a little familiar, as though I’ve seen them on a blog somewhere. I wonder if this is like a “Greatest Hits” or collection of popular designs? (Brad? Any text on the cover to that effect?) I don’t mind; there are plenty of other patterns in here that are new to me.

Like this little kitty, the reason why I broke down and got the book. Sigh. I have to hurry up and make him so I can squish his little kitty face.

smiley cat

Here are a few others that I liked:
Bunny and bear bags. They might be backpacks?

backpacks or purses

Cell phone cozies!

cell phone cozies

Sleek looking fox, raccoon, bunny, and frog

fox and friends

Caterpillar. A little over a foot long!


Cute menagerie. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these posted in another book online somewhere.

cute stuffed dolls

Bears with boy clothes. The facing page shows bunnies with pink girl versions of these clothes. The little hooded sweatshirt and overalls are so funny, no?

clothed bears

Grr! Tyrannosaurus Rex! I needed a pattern like this to alter for an upcoming birthday present. Yay.

t rex

Now I’ll be able to make more than quilts and ducks.


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  1. Wow… that’s a lot of stuffies! Good luck with them!


  3. Looks lovely, Japanese things are so kawaii!

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