We made it through the rain!

October 9, 2006 at 7:15 am | Posted in WIP | 8 Comments

So, how was your week? We’ve had quite an adventure.

Nice visit with Ryan’s parents and Grandma in NW Indiana. We went apple picking at a local orchard, something I’d not done since before leaving Maine in 1977. We found the Cortland trees and filled up our bags.


There was a 30% chance of rain forecast for the area as a cold front moved through. I was talking to my sis on the phone that evening and kneeling out of the couch looking out of our front window. Lots of rain. And hail: three times!


The lights went out between nine and ten. We hustled downstairs to see if water was getting into the basement. Yup. We grabbed our favorite things to bring them up to safety.

Overnight, the water rose to about a foot in the basement. The battery backup pump  ran out of juice, and our main pump, which is electric, was out of commission because of the power failure.

The water couldn’t find its way out, so it stayed put.


Still no electricity. A wonderful thing: we had water and a gas stove. Called the insurance people and a bajillion flood recovery places to see if they could get the water out of the basement. They said there were “hundreds” of people on their waiting lists, which in some cases were “seven or eight pages long.” Sigh.

We went to our neighbor’s place and ordered pizza for dinner.

No power yet. And the basement’s still full of water. SO glad we don’t have carpet down there. My favorite joke this week: “Was your basement finished?” Me: “Oh, it’s finished, all right!”

As the sun was setting, the power was restored to our neighborhood, but we didn’t dare turn ours on until the water was out. Luckily, our (wonderful, wonderful) neighbor ran a looooooong extension cord to our house, and pumped out most of the water with an electric pump. And, since he’s a daring sort of fella, he turned on the circuits to OUR pump to get the remaining water, then the rest of the house. Yay!

The rest of the week was a parade of repairmen and trades coming through the house and checking out the appliances that were underwater. So, we need just about everything except a hot water heater. (That first hot shower felt soooo good on Friday!) There was also a surreal, wee-hours-of-the-morning visit from a tree service with chainsaws, who felled a tree in the yard that was encroaching on power lines after the storm.
Oh, and this is what the basement looks like now.


I know (I know, I know) this was not a “disaster.” I grew up in Louisiana in hurricanes and have seen people who have had it much, much worse. We’re safe and healthy, plus, our insurance looks like it will cover everything. Hey! New basement!

On Saturday, as the flood remediation people were tearing up our basement and 1-800-JUNK was hauling it and most of its contents away, it was a clear sunny, day, and our 6th wedding anniversary.

And I got these spiffy new boots. Gawd, my priorities!




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  1. okay. serious questions here: a) where did you get those boots? and b) are they rubber boots?

    gee whiz I want some rubber boots!

  2. Happy Anniversary… anyway…
    Having been down the road of tornado recovery, it can be a long, torturous path… but it does end eventually. Thinking of you…

  3. I’m so sorry–how awful to have to deal with. Here is a ridiculous suggestion, but one that always concerns me: be very careful with disaster cleanup services. There’s no one better to fix your house and then rob you!

    (Happened to a friend here. Wouldn’t have thought of it til then, but it makes sense.)

    Do you need anything?

    Also, I really like the boots, too. I am a total dorkus.

  4. oooh, which is not to say that any and all disaster cleanup services rob people, by any stretch.

    Home alarm people scare me, too.

    (I guess it’s because not many groups of repair or fixit people get into your home that often.)

  5. Oh, I completely get it, Heels! Nothing down there worth taking anymore :0( but the husband and I were working alongside them, so they were pretty well supervised the whole time.

    Yeah, and that would so evil to go in for disaster cleanup and rob the homeowners. Sheesh.

  6. So you’ll never guess who has rubber boots? They’re size 7 mens and they were only 10$!! Where to wear them though….

  7. Yay for boots! When I was wading around in my basement, I wore them with denim skorts so I wouldn’t get my pants muddy. Very chic.

  8. Dear Lisa,
    today I received your book, thank you so much for this generous act of friendship between quilters!!! I’m looking forward trying out this technique.

    Sorry to read about the water in your basement. Hope you can use this room again.

    Greetings from Germany

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