Giraffe invitation

September 26, 2006 at 5:40 pm | Posted in Cards, Papercrafts | 5 Comments

Here’s a prototype of the invitations I’m making for my sister’s baby shower. She’s looooved giraffes since she was a child, so of course I had to include one.


  • They measure 5″x5″.
  • The mane is fringed with scissors.
  • The eyes and horn tips are little punched out holes.
  • The spots are regular sized hole punches.
  • The body, head, and snout are done with a little egg shaped punch (I trimmed the head and snout after punching).
  • The horns and the tail are just drawn in, but I couldn’t find my brown art marker (I just saw it around here somewhere…

Luckily, there’re only about 30 people coming, so I’ll be able to get these done by Halloween!


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  1. So cute Lisa! I love that color combo (I just made a purse in pink and brown) and the giraffe is fabulous.

  2. They are beautiful. I love the brown and pink combination!

  3. now THAT’S what I call cuuuute!

  4. i love this invitation and that’s exactly what i want. so how can i order this for my shower?

  5. Hello do you sell these invitations???? I would love to order some from you. how do I go about ordering these adorable giraffe invitations for a birthday party???

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