Share a past project Thursday

July 6, 2006 at 8:54 am | Posted in Sewing/Crafts | 2 Comments

Here’s my contribution to Barb’s Share a Past Project Thursday: more evidence of my geekiness.

Buncha balls 

I think most of these are truncated octahedra, or the Snowball pattern from Jinny Beyer’s Patchwork Puzzle Balls book. She uses a geometric shape for each side of the ball, which of course I find quite fascinating :)

They’re made over a period of time from fall 2005 to spring 2006.

 Emily's ball Quincy's birthday ball

These were a little tedious to make, but I love the results. Stuffing, for me, anyway, took almost as long as the sewing; they are quite firm!

 Ball for Emilie Payton and her patchwork puzzle ball

They’re a great way to use scraps, too!


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  1. Those are really neat! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thank you for contributing your past project! I haven’t posted my own only because of all my computer problems. The fact that I have kept up blogging for two months without a computer or a camera is stunning in itself. I think these balls are adorable. Love that you have your daughter (I assume) playing with it. I can see making mini ones for dog and kitty toys too :). Thank you for reading my blog, and welcome to the blogging world. Feel free to write anytime, ask questions, or just say hi.

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