2 Big Days

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Saturday was our niece Payton’s fourth birthday party. Isn’t she cute? She’s my goddaughter and one of the smartest little gals around. And funny? Girl’s been hilarious since before she could talk. When she found out that the invitations to her party read “no gifts,” she made a flurry of calls to several relatives to make sure they knew that “Mommy made a mistake! There WILL be presents.”  Ryan and I enjoy the time we get to spend with her and her baby bro, one-year old Quincy.

The birthday girl herself!

I made a pennant flag (à la 4:53 & mahar dry goods) to use as a party decoration. The colors match her room so she can still use it now that the festivities are over. It was a good way to use up some fabric scraps. I called it “used car lot meets quilt shop.”

 Bed Banner  banner close

It was super easy to make. Should have taken pics, but you don’t need them!

  • Fabric scraps
  • Cardstock or paper
  • Seam binding long enough for the flags + about 12″ more on each end. Doesn’t have to be bias cut, but you can use that.
  1. Make a template out of cardstock. My cardstock started out as a rectangle 4″ wide and about 7 or 8″ long. An easy way to make an isoceles triangle (two sides the same) is to fold the cardstock lengthwise, then cut diagonally from one of the corners on the unfolded side to the fold on the other side.
    flag pattern
  2. Cut out two triangles of fabric for each flag – a front and a back. I rotary cut them and it went very quickly.
  3. Place two of the triangles RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER and sew the long sides. Leave the short sides open for turning! Trimming the fabric very near the stitched point and a little off the sides near the point makes turning easier.
  4. Turn all the sewn flags right side out. I used a chopstick to help turn. Iron the flags flat.
  5. Open seam binding and place raw edges of flags along the crease. Refold binding over raw edge and pin. Zig zag stitch from one end of the binding to the other.

I also made a little felt slice-of-cake stuffie that I totally neglected to get a picture of. I’ll post a photo one day.

The highlight of the party was this ginormous moonwalk/obstacle course that our brother- and sister-in-law rented. The guests all loved bouncing and climbing and sliding and crawling all over the thing, adults and kiddies alike. And the weather was so great! Summer birthdays are the best.

Andersons   Eric Driveway

…and today is the day to send out packages for the Color-iffic Swap-o-rama! This is only my second one, but I’m in love with this swap. I really enjoy researching my swap recipient, then collecting and making stuff I think they’ll love. There’s been buzz lately on the group’s discussion boards about people sending items that the receiver doesn’t like/can’t use/hates. There are tons of places to get the scoop on your person’s likes and dislikes (if they post info there, of course), and 3 administrators to help track down info if you can’t find it yourself. No excuse for sending an iffy package, although it does help when you’re receiving a swap to consciously adopt a “glass half full” attitude, IMHO :)

July color-iffic swap-o-rama

This month the theme colors were brown and baby blue (or aqua). I made cards, a lined pyramid-shaped zipper pouch, a pieced ball and a felt elephant for my handmade items. My swappee has a ton of interests, so I had fun finding items that fit her personality. She has two children, one within the last two weeks (!), so I included a children’s book that coincidentally was all about color. I also sent yarn, a pattern book, and fuzzy aqua yarn for her knitting adventures, some fabric paint for freezer paper stenciling, and her favorite kind of dark chocolate. I wrapped the latter in a ton of tissue paper, and each square is heat sealed, so I hope it survives the trip down south.

Swapping has been such a positive experience (if I can say that after only 1 swap) that I’ve joined two others: A dining-themed one on Flickr’s Use What You Have group, and a swap-bot one called “Snuggle,” for which we’re to exchange a plush doll or blanket or quilt type thing. You get the idea.


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