I don’t mean to seem biased, or, Stick a pin in me, I’m done!

June 6, 2006 at 12:42 am | Posted in Sewing/Crafts | 4 Comments

flash pins

Ever get that sinking feeling in the middle of a project that, gee, I might have bitten off a little more than I could chew? I am so at that point right now. I'd probably have abandoned ship by now if a) I didn't need a gift for a party this weekend, b) I didn't have so much TIME sunk into this, and c) it weren't turning out so darn CUTE. It really is. Sigh.

I fussed a little over making bias binding for an apron in my first post, but I had no idea what I was in for as I got deeper (that's a good word for it!) into the project.

bias pins

My inspiration for this apron was the darling green one on three peas. Rebecca writes of how pleased she is with her apron.  It's because she's probably smart enough to have bought ready-made bias . And she has a bias binding foot that automatically folds the bias around the edge of her project and holds it in place as she sews. Gah. I have probably tripled the length of time it takes, start to finish, by making bias myself and then having to fold over and pin and unpin every half inch or so. That thing pictured above that looks like a fabric crown roast is half the apron with about 50 pins in it to bind one section. There are seven sections.

I'd bought two copies of the pattern so that I could make one in a larger size for myself, but I'll definitely not attempt that until I've purchased a binding foot for my sewing machine. Oh, and I just realized that I need more than the seven yards of bias that I made. The pattern called for 6 and 3/4 yards. I'm off to find something against which to bang my large head.

But first!


Each time my husband and I travel to Indiana to visit his family, we say hi to Jim…or rather, Jim's billboard. Here's how we think the odd hairdo came to be.

Jim (rubbing hands together in anticipation): I can't wait to see the custom painting you did for my marketing materials! It will help me sell a lot of insurance policies!

Artist: Here it is! I think you'll be…pleased…with…Is something wrong?

Jim: I don't mean to be critical, but I have way more hair than that.

Artist (offended): I beg your pardon, but you have exactly as much hair as that.

Jim (brusquely): Just FIX it.

And thus it came to pass that Jim got a clam on his head. Hard to tell from the photo, but in person, the color of it doesn't even match the rest of his hair!



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  1. sorry to hear about your bias binding woes! the fabrics are lovely, i hope you are able to finish without too much more frustration. sometimes i just need a little distance from a project when i get in a situation like this (which happens very frequently if my huge stash of unfinished projects is any indication!). one thing you probably can’t see on my green apron in the photo is a little tip i received from amy k. of angry chicken. zig-zag stitch!! i was tearing my hair out trying to make perfectly straight seams that were close to the edge of the binding on top but also caught the bottom layer. with a wide zig-zag you are assured that you’ll hit all the layers securely. i’ve even seen some lovely projects were they made the zig-zagging a design element by using a contrasting thread color. sorry to be so long-winded!!

  2. Thank you so much for the tips, Rebecca. I think I just had to vent, but after I posted, the rest seemed easier.

    On a very happy note, I am getting a FREE binding foot from Sewing Machine Guy in two weeks, and I'll have a go at making one for myself – with zigzags!

  3. Lisa,
    There is also a fusible thread out there, that you put in your bobbin when sewing the binding on the back of the piece. Then you flip the folded edge over to the right side and IRON it in place. You still need to go back and sew along the edge of the bias, but at least it is already being held in place. If you try this stuff, make sure to use a zig-zag stitch when sewing the first step – to get as much area covered with fusible thread as possible.
    Also, are you making the bias binding with the continuous tube instructions on the big red card? I have found that to be pretty easy!

  4. ALSO – I always laugh when I see that guy’s billboard!!! Could he possibly believe that would HELP his business??? Doesn’t he have a wife or daughters to set him straight???

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